Joe Chavez, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics
Office Extension: 75363

Areas in which I can give advice or suggestions:


I have taught most of the mathematics curriculum, ranging from remedial math courses to graduate level seminar courses. An interesting aspect of teaching mathematics at CSUSB is that we offer service courses for a variety of programs. For example, we offer a sequence of "Math for Teachers" courses for the Liberal Studies program and also an Operations Research course for the National Security Studies MA program. I have been frequently involved in these types of courses.

I have been regularly involved in curriculum development in my time at Cal State. I was involved in creating the new BA Teaching Track program in mathematics, which was designed to meet the new State requirements for middle school/high school teachers. I also helped create or update Certificate Programs such as the certificate in Actuarial Science and the certificate in teaching basic mathematics. Additionally, for several years I was a member of the University General Education Committee, which oversees changes and additions to the General Education program.

Perhaps my passion in the teaching area has been my desire to work with students, both undergraduate and graduate, on mathematical research. I have been involved in a variety of programs, such as the McNair Scholar's program, that support undergraduate students in research. Together with a colleague in my department I helped the university receive its first Research Experiences for Undergraduates grant (sponsored by the national Science Foundation (NSF)).

Professional development:

I have developed a nice record of receiving grants, both internal to CSUSB, and external. I have received a variety of CSUSB Professional Development and TRC grants both for individual research and to make improvements in the developmental math program.

I have been the Principle Investigator for three NSF grants, and been involved in others that were funded by NSF and the Department of Defense. I'm happy to share my experiences.

Service / Campus and Community involvement:

I have served on quite a variety of committees during my almost 30 years at Cal State, and have been the chair of a few. Some are certainly more work than others, but they all help introduce you to colleagues in other departments across campus.

I enjoy service that interacts with students or teachers of mathematics. I served as a faculty ambassador, meeting with groups of high school teachers of math and English, talking about admission requirements to the CSU and the ELM and EPT exams. For years I gave presentations on mathematical magic to groups of middle as a way to help build a bridge to the university.

I've also overloaded myself with service at times, and have needed to learn to say no to some good opportunities.

Personal Message:

Whether you are a new faculty member or are preparing to apply for tenure or promotion, I'd be happy to talk with you and hear what you bring to the university. I'm also happy to share more about my experiences if that would be helpful.