Robert Ervin Cramer, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, Emeritus

Home Phone: 951-275-0852

Areas in which I can give advice or suggestions:


I retired from CSUSB after 33 years of service. My teaching experiences range from small 20-25) to intermediate (45-90) size required and elective classes. I routinely taught undergraduate and graduate students. My research supervision included undergraduate laboratory classes, independent study, senior honors projects and master's thesis research. I also have experience mentoring and coordinating the activities of a long-standing (28+ years) research group comprised of undergraduate and graduate students.

Across these varied course and mentoring settings, I developed experience in dealing with a wide variety of course and research planning, classroom and lab management, and student personal and educational issues. My experience includes developing new courses, and in working on department-level curriculum planning and development. I would be happy to share my experience and insights in course development, teaching strategies, classroom and lab management, and student issues.

Professional development:

I can be particularly helpful in mentoring new faculty wanting to establish a robust record of professional achievement. CSUSB has many programs and sources of money to support new faculty with materials or equipment, scholarship, and travel. My professional record of refereed publications and regional and national convention presentations was often supported by CSUSB research/travel funding programs.

I would be happy to share my knowledge and experience with the retention/tenure/promotion (RPT) process from three vantage points, 1) faculty member, 2) member and chair of the department evaluation committee, and 3) department chair. I have prepared Faculty Activity Reports and I have written evaluations for faculty in the RPT process. I can be especially helpful in mentoring faculty working through the RPT process.

Service / Campus and Community involvement:

It is extremely important for faculty to participate in the "shared governance" of CSUSB. I have extensive experience working on committee's at the department, college and university level, and I can provide insights for developing a "balanced approach" to campus and community service appropriate for faculty rank.

Relevant life experiences:

At CSUSB I learned how to be an accomplished professional educator and scholar; the relevant knowledge and skill is not automatically available to new faculty right out of graduate school. I was extremely fortunate to have had other faculty help me and mentor me, and "show me the ropes." And in turn, I gladly took the opportunity to share some of my own experience and knowledge with younger faculty. I welcome very much the opportunity to again mentor new faculty and to "show them the ropes." Indeed, because of my experiences on a department evaluation committee and as a department chair, I can be particularly helpful by providing information and insight from "behind the lines."

Personal Message:

Students at CSUSB are extremely lucky because of the first-rate instruction, top-notch supervision and training, and life-changing educational opportunities available to them. Well, the same is true for the faculty. Indeed, the campus community is welcoming and supportive, and is committed to providing faculty with every opportunity to develop successful academic careers; the Faculty Mentoring Program testifies to their commitment.