Todd Jennings, Ph.D.

Professor of Educational Psychology and Counseling
Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies
Office Extension: 75655

Areas in which I can give advice or suggestions:


Creating syllabus that promote student success and minimize faculty-student conflict; integrating sexual and gender content into a wide variety of courses; integrating human rights related content into a variety of courses; I understand I am pretty good at lecturing and finding links between students' lived experience and course content. Enjoy trying to develop rigorous student activities and forms of assessment to serve as alternatives to multiple-choice examinations.

Professional development:

Having served as a department chair, Associate Dean, program coordinator, and Assistant Dean, I am very familiar with the RPT process and have assisted a number of faculty in developing their FARs. Have been successful in research and publications.

Service / Campus and Community involvement:

Fairly adept at focusing service work to dovetail with professional/personal interests and campus needs while maximizing the impact of the time spent.

Relevant life experiences:

Gay man who has spent 25 successful and enjoyable years of CSUSB. Seem to be fairly good at navigating the culture and organizational structure at CSUSB.

Personal Message:

Forging a professional identity on any campus can be a challenge. Negotiated well, this campus can be a wonderful place to develop as an academic. It also provides the existentialbenefit of serving a population of first-generation college attending students who have great potential to change the world far beyond this campus. In short, these are not academically-jaded students, what happens in our classes does change their lives.